Monday, April 23, 2012

Philippines, second slowest in web page loading

The Philippines was listed as the world's second slowest in web page loading.  This is according to a Bloomberg report on Google's study of web page speeds for desktop computers and mobile devices in 50 countries with the fastest internet connections. This study is interesting because if you look at the list, you will find that the fastest average Web page loading time is that of Slovak Republic at 3.3 seconds. If it is the USA then it would not have caught my attention because one is expecting to see that.  They are technologically capable. From comments on the Bloomberg report, I searched Orange Slovenko's website and found that Fibernet household internet costs €14.99 per month (roughly 900 pesos) and it promises a 100Mbit/s download and upload speed while that of regular internet connection gives a 42Mbit/sec download and 1.8Mbit.sec upload. Mbit. mbps, kbps are foreign language to me. All I know is that with what I am paying, I should be getting more from my internet provider, PLDT. Look at my speed test. Another thing notable on the list is that of India. It is on the same bottom list as we are for desktop speeds (15.1 seconds) and I began to wonder as both the Philippines and India are into business process outsourcing, will this study impact the industry, if anything? I am glad that South Korea is second after Slovak Republic and first on mobile speeds.

Should I feel better that the Philippines is among the "50 countries with the fastest internet connection"?

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  1. no wonder no filipino made a comment...