Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DIY Mould & Paint Fridge Magnets

I believe my niece’s heart is into arts and so our bonding activities are mostly in this area (but her other favorite is math, she whispered).  She loves to draw and paint.  Crayons and watercolor are always a hit!  On her last birthday, she got 2 boxes of 4M Mould & Paint Plaster Fridge Magnets Badges and today is the perfect day for this bonding activity, just the perfect rainy afternoon for us.

Kit includes the plaster, mould, pins, paint, paint brush, and magnet strips.  A detailed instruction is included in the box.  Adult assistance is also recommended because the product contains small parts which may cause choking.  Be warned that this is not for children under 3 years old.  Niece is now 5 but still needs a little help from Auntie.

To start with, I mixed the plaster for her.  I cannot trust yet our little artist’s hands in doing this.  In a mixing bowl, I poured the plaster and added approximately 50-70 ml of water slowly. Remember not to pour too much water at once as it will make the plaster too runny.  Once a smooth paste is achieved, I poured the mixture into the mould and waited for the plaster to set.

When the plasters are hard enough to be released, niece started her paint job and Auntie waited to do post prod, adding final touches.

The colorful fridge magnets added fun to an otherwise boring beige-finished fridge door.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


When you need it, you got to do it!

This one is for our toddler’s first Hawaiian dance performed for school recognition. Doting aunt bought a ready-made orange Hawaiian grass skirt for her. It was okay but I felt it was not what I wanted for her. Our toddler is bigger than most of her age and so during our fitting session, I knew the skirt was not hers. The straws were widely spaced and her undergarment could be seen underneath. I asked the more experienced moms in school if we can possibly do it ourselves and most agreed. So, I did watch videos from the net, although there’s only a handful really worth watching and reading, it gave me an idea on how to go about it.

Twine or plastic straw (choose the color you want)
Elastic band or garter
Yellow Duraflex twine
Measure your kid’s waistline and cut the elastic band to this measurement, keeping in mind to add a few extra inches. Then measure the length of your kid’s skirt. Other moms preferred knee-length skirts but I think ankle length looks better.  After cutting several straws, tie the pieces onto the elastic band using cow hitch knot. That easy!

Here's my labor of love:

Our Hawaiian dancer!